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Meet Dakota


Finding Your Path

I want to show women that fitness requires resilience, longevity and dedication. Being physically active and finding what you enjoy most is key to your fitness journey. It is a continuous one and there is no quick fix. Your fitness is like life, it's a journey that may have hiccups and stalls but there is always a light at the end of the tunnel.

Your fitness regime should be a habit. To make your regime more enjoyable, choose activities that can be easily adaptable to you, such as power walking, swimming or doing some resistance work. Another way to make exercise more fun is by inviting family or friends for group workout sessions. You could organise the group to take part in circuits, cardio specific exercises, whole of body or low impact workouts. None of these have to be Gym centred, they can all be done in the privacy of your own home or outside in your garden.

Working with a qualified fitness trainer like me can help you on the journey to achieve your goal. It is essential to understand your body and gain control over how it responds to working out. It is also important to learn how to stay healthy by maintaining a healthy attitude towards fuelling and dietary intake.

There is great satisfaction when you look and feel different about yourself and when your body responds easily without straining.


I have a Diploma in Health, Nutrition & Personal Fitness. I am also certified as a: 

  • Personal Training

  • Les Mills Instructor for Body Pump & Body Combat

  • Purestretch & Tone Instructor

  • Spin Instructor


I was a Consultant in Finance having studied law at University. I made a switch in career after a traumatic event happened to my youngest son. A sudden brain haemorrhage threw our lives upside-down in a split second. The uncertainty of his survival was a horrendous experience, and I completely shut down from life as I spent the next 5 months in hospital with him. We worked tirelessly with the neurological surgical team until my son was out of the danger zone. He became fit enough to go into rehabilitation but at this point I could feel that my anxiety levels were suffocating me. I started taking short breaks while he was asleep to get myself back into shape. I started with short walks and then mini runs for 30 minutes. Slowly with time I was able to run for 3km and more. My sleep started improving and a sense of control returned. The exercise released a lot of tension off my body which in turn refreshed my focus and increased my coping ability.

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Why Aspire Fitness

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Professional Trainers

The Goal

Satisfaction and a sense of empowerment is what I aim for. That's the feeling I get post workout knowing that I took some time out for me, my well being, my health. A sense of achievement. That's the feeling and sense of being in control of you and achieving something for yourself that I want others to experience . 

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